A Gann education provides the framework for answering some of life’s toughest questions through the lens of Jewish values and ethics. 从强大的学习 希伯来语和 犹太研究课程,沉浸式度假体验, 我们的课程让你探索你个人的犹太之旅.  
You will have opportunities to partake in introductory classes though advanced studies all based on your interests—from deeply exploring Torah and Tanakh to critically thinking about modern political issues to learning about individual holidays and 实践. 
有趣和快乐的庆祝活动包括 Shabbatonim (Shabbat experiences), holiday festivals, social justice experiences, and a trip to Israel. You will graduate with a strong set of Jewish values which will provide the solid foundation for combatting antisemitism and answering life’s big questions. 


天博网站app天博网站app学生加深与自己的联系, 给别人, 以及更大的犹太社区. We meet students where they are on their unique Jewish journey and nurture their curiosity and confidence to find personal relevance in shared Jewish experience. 


四年以上, 天博网站app的学生建立了一个很深的犹太价值观宝库, 知识, 以及能够让他们更好地了解自己的内容, 以及他们周围的世界. They explore essential aspects of development and identity-building – including mental health, 性别, 和公平——通过犹太人的视角. They comfortably situate themselves within Jewish history and identify with the Jewish story, 过去和现在. 犹太人生活中各种各样的奉献, 仪式, 而实践则激发学生找到意义和群体.  


Gann students creatively apply their Jewish learning and shared values to the questions and challenges they encounter as they walk through the world. 灵感来自他们在天博网站app的犹太经历, 毕业生们为一段持续的成长之旅做好了准备, 探索, ,成为.


天博网站app充满活力和繁荣的社区植根于共同的犹太价值观、历史和文本. Our intentionally pluralistic environment encourages students to deepen their understanding of their own Jewish identity and to strive to understand others’ experiences, 信仰, 和观点.

通过跨学科的学习机会和有意义的犹太实践, 来自不同背景的学生培养了包括同理心在内的关键技能, 欣赏多角度, 以及对他人的好奇心——这使他们能够找到共同点, 尊重差异.


At the heart of 犹太研究 at Gann is text study inviting students to join Jewish conversations begun over 3,1000年前. Courses in Jewish studies range from Jewish biblical history to Jewish philosophy and ethics to everything in between.   

通过仔细阅读古典和现代犹太文本, 通常成对或小组学习(“hevruta风格”), 天博网站app的学生对犹太人的价值观有了更深的理解, 实践, 和历史. This form of study empowers you to take charge of your own learning and make connections to the big ideas and questions you will encounter in your own life.    

所有的犹太研究课程都帮助学生培养提问能力, 论证, and critical thinking skills around big ideas—such as what it means to be Jewish and to be human – preparing you to meet challenges to your identity and practice as you make your way in the world.     


Students who want to delve more deeply into 犹太研究 or 希伯来语 may choose from an array of electives from Jewish Scribal 艺术 and Prayer 领导 Skills to 希伯来语 Chef and Israeli Current events. Students who make extra commitments to 犹太研究 and/or 希伯来语 partake in special programming and are honored as Gann 犹太研究或希伯来学者. 


Students close out their 犹太研究 curriculum at Gann with a course entitled “The Jew in the Modern World.” Built to prepare students to build lives as self-reflective and proud adult Jews as they move to college and beyond, 学生研究犹太人在以色列的成功, 在美国, 在世界各地, 同时也审视了持续存在的挑战, 重点是分析当今出现的新形式的反犹太主义. This course also surveys the geopolitical history of the State of Israel and offers opportunities for students to reflect on their own relationship to the land of Israel and to the Zionist dream.  


天博网站app庆祝以色列作为一个犹太民主国家的存在, which offers the unparalleled opportunity for the Jewish people to exercise self-determination and build a vibrant democracy and a sustainable future for the Jewish people. Gann students explore the rich and complex history of the Jewish people’s deep connection to Israel and to 希伯来语 语言, 如其 *独立宣言. Gann prepares students to participate in robust discussions about Israel as they form their own views on and relationships to the people of Israel, 以色列国, 和以色列地.
“THE STATE OF ISRAEL will be open for Jewish immigration and for the Ingathering of the Exiles; it will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, 良心, 语言, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions; and it will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.”


希伯来语 at Gann aims to develop your proficiency in the 希伯来语 语言 both to deepen your connection to Israeli society and to give you direct access to the Jewish canon, 圣经时代以来犹太人的表达方式. Our 希伯来语 Department is committed to enabling every learner to gain a connection to and love of the 希伯来语 语言. 


Advanced courses are thematically oriented to enrich 语言 acquisition with cultural and historical content. 学生们的学习节奏加快了, 强调讨论和阅读, 研究, 呈现与构成.  Students read accessible Israeli literature without adaptations and view Israeli videos with 希伯来语 subtitles only.

Heritage courses advance the 希伯来语 skills of students coming from 希伯来语-speaking households. 学生们以更快的速度学习,专注于高水平的演讲和辩论. Students survey important milestones in Israeli history through 研究, writing, and discussion. 学生也发展他们的希伯来语说明文写作技巧, 重点是说服性文章. Students read and analyze numerous sophisticated works of 希伯来语 literature by classical Israeli authors such as Shaul Tchernichovsky and Amos Oz.